A day trip to Gouda

Mark woke up at 7 and made coffee and we got going at 8 only to be stopped 5 minutes later as the first bridge only opens at 9!  We had breakfast and watched the bridge keeper tolling the cars €0.50. It’s a hand operated bridge and the fee for us was €1.75. We went past an old fort and the next bridge we got to in the book told us was operated by camera but in fact you have to call them using the button on the mooring post. We went into a shallow lock where the fee was €2.50 and we had to tie up! The next bridge works on a call button and we decided not to go in to Alphen aan de Ryn. The next bridge is serviced by camera twice an hour for 10 minutes. Thankfully we had a very short wait. It lifts straight up and two guys used the opportunity to lubricate the mechanism. This is a container canal and so the speed limit is 12km/h. We had a short wait at the next bridge where we past some sailing vessels. We sailed over an underground section of a motorway. The next bridge tells you what time it’s next opening so you know how long the wait will be. We turned towards Gouda and went through the Steve Biko bridge and a shallow lock which took a long time. We tied up after the next bridge, topped up with water and put things on charge. Services here are free. The old part of Gouda is so pretty and the historic buildings have plaques to let you know what they are. We had lunch at Gouds Kaashuis. Dave had twee black angus krokketen met friet, I had goudse kaassoep met stock brood and Mark had geitenkaas, bacon en honing tosti. We each had a Heineken and the bill came to €24.20. At Gouds Kaashuis I bought a 24 month aged Gouda. I wish I could bring home with me the six year one!  At La Vanezia Dave has a citroen gelato, I had amaretti and Mark had a cone with witte choco, stroopwafels and after eight. We did our shopping and got going just after 16:00. We called the bridge keeper who didn’t take long, and he called the lock keeper for us. It was quite a deep lock but very slow. The next bridge is higher than the books stipulated height of 2.7m which meant we could go under it. We went straight through a lock and had a short wait at the next bridge. The bridge after that was a long wait. I washed dishes and Dave and I both had cold showers. It has been over 30 degrees (Celsius) here. The bridge eventually opened at 18:00. The bridge into Oudewater cost €2 and we managed to get the last mooring and tied up just after 19:00. We walked into the old town centre to stretch our legs and got ice cream for the walk back from Yssalon Roberto. Dave had pistache and Mark and I had amarena. Wine with dinner tonight was Château Moulin Rompu 2014 Médoc. Dave made chicken casserole and for dessert we had strawberries and cream on the deck. Our after dinner treat was stroopwafels and stroopwafel liquor that Mark had bought and then limoncello. It was still hot when we went to bed.


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