Lots of little villages

We woke up just after 7 and after breakfast and showers we walked back into the centrum of Oudewater. There was a street market and we bought croissants and bread from Ambachyelijk Brood. From the fruit seller we got lovely looking strawberries. At Bakkery Snyman we had espressos which came with a really nice biscuit. The bakery has been family owned since 1670. We bought ham and baked sausage from Keurslagerij Bas Ultee and beers from Gall & Gall. The last three shops are permanent fixtures. We could not find a supermarket in the town and no one here sells bottled water. We got going at 11 and went through some large farm area. After the swing bridge into Montfoort we tied up. If you turn left off the barge and right up the street you will find a large supermarket. We walked through the old city and found Kasteel Montfoort which was built in 1170. We had a beer break at Het Oude Stadhuis. Brand Lentebok for Dave and Mark and Affligem Blond for me. Then an ice cream from Daan’s droomijs. White chocolate and bosvrucht for Mark, bosvrucht for Dave and doemij diemaar for me. We bought a small watermelon from a fruit stand and headed off at 14:15. We tied up under a tree ten minutes later and had lunch. We left at 15:20 and went past the recommended sleeping point for the night at 16:00. The large harbour does not appeal much to me. We arrived in Ijsselstein at 16:10. The bridges close between 16:30 and 18:00 and we managed to get through the second one which is manually operated at 16:21. We tied up, headed towards the bridge and if you walk away from it you will find the old city. We had a second beer break at Joris Bar – Brasserie. Given the heat Dave and I went for Heineken extra cold. Mark chose a Brand Weizen. We left at 17:45. There is a very sharp left hand bend with a house on the corner, well protected by bollards. I would suggest tying up somewhere along this small canal for the night. We went on to Nieuwengein. The lifting bridges are camera operated and close at 20:00. Mark got caught by the current going through the open lock. We tied up alongside the road with the help of a Locoboat barger. We went for a walk down the main road after having some snacks and got ice cream at Yssalon Toscane. Mark has snicker and caramel, Dave had caramel and I had kers kaneel. Dave made filled pasta with a sauce for dinner. We had strawberries and cream for dessert and went upstairs to finish off our wine. We had limoncello and headed off to bed. 


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