Going home

We woke up at 6 and got ready to leave and a leisurely pace. Roland drove us to the airport. We printed our boarding passes and joined the queue to do the self service baggage drop off. By the time we had gone through security, passport control and got into the lounge 45 minutes had passed by and we had only walked 0.8km! We had breakfast in the Aspire Lounge. We bought a bottle of Talisker Skye at duty free and boarded the flight. We upgraded to premium economy and it was well worth it. We are on the Dreamliner Boeing 787 which has seat to seat chat function and a cockpit viewer which shows the flight path, speed and altitude. The indication was that we flew at 37000 feet above sea level. The airport is 11m under sea level and we got to sea level when we were doing about 330km/h. It’s the first day time flight we’ve taken together and the onboard flight tracker is really great. Cloud cover prevented us from seeing much of Europe. There is meant to be wifi on board but there was some error with it and did not work. We were given refresher towels and lunch was served at 12. We had chicken in mustard sauce, a warm roll, cheese and crackers and profiteroles with cream and chocolate sauce. There was also a salad but it didn’t appeal to me as it had raisins and pineapple. Dave thought it was off so only had one bite. The sky cleared over Africa and we could see the vast desert space. The window glass has a darkening feature that I would not mind for home. We were served water and juice at 3pm and then an egg and cheese salad roll followed by ice cream and hot chocolate sauce. Juice and water were offered at 18:00 followed by refresher towels. Supper was served at 19:45. This is a really nice plane with an sensor flush for the toilet which is very sensitive to movement and a basin that drains automatically. We disembarked and went through passport control with no problems. Bumped into the Kimmel’s while waiting for our luggage and met Phil as we exited the arrivals. It was an easy drive home. I forgot to pack keys so Dave got the spare keys out the lock safe to let us in. It was a great holiday but I’m glad to be home! 


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