La Spezia and Porto Venere

Our morning started at the market buying lunch and dinner. Dave and I have taken to using the lift to come up two street levels and walk down half a flight to the apartment. 

We then caught a very crowded bus to Porto Venere and sat with our feet in the sea while eating lunch. We went for the most expensive espresso we have had so far. €3 at Bar Gelateria Doria. We walked up to the Church and down to Grotto Byron and Dave swam. Our plan was to go to Lineri for a swim in the afternoon so I decided to wait till then. We walked the the old city, stopping for gelato. Dave had cinque terre and I had porto venere. 

Our bus back was less crowded and went via La Grazie. On our return trip we could clearly see the acqua culture and how large the naval base is. We went back to the apartment and changed our plans for the afternoon. First we went to check whether the parking meter was still broken. Sometime during the day it had been fixed. We fed the meter and took a walk to Castello di San Giorgio but chose not to go in. 

Instead we walked back to the old city for gelato. I had cream stevia nocciola gentile and Dave chose stracciatella. We walked in a new direction, stumbling upon a stunning Church. This time we had our Prosecco at Caffè Centrale. €10 for two glasses and a large variety of snacks. 

Dave made dinner and we played back gammon, enjoying a bottle of San Giovese and the rest of our blue cheese. 


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