Heading to La Spezia

We had a relaxed start to the morning with a fantastic shower and a good breakfast. When we left we discovered we were very close to a small village. We drove to Sabbioneta which is an old walled town. We started with an espresso before walking around the streets. We had gelato for the walk. Pannacotta for me and nocciola for Dave. We discovered a fresco on the ceiling, a Synagogue and a covered walkway. 

We bought home made pasta for dinner and bread rolls typical to the region for lunch. After Mantovani we crossed the river Po and then drove through Parma. We stayed off the main road, travelling the Via Frangencina, a pilgrim route still in use today. We stopped for a picnic lunch and made contact with the owner of the apartment. He was on the road to Genoa and asked us to contact his son. The coordinates on the booking form were incorrect and as we are staying on the side of a staircase, Garmin had no clue where to take us. Dave drove around for half an hour trying to remember the place off street view. We found the stairs, and Giacomo but made a mistake leaving him to wait for us one flight up. An hour later we got to where we needed to park. Mostly to do with not knowing the road name and because the one way roads and road works went against us. We got the keys, paid and went to do grocery shopping. We drove the round about way back and found parking which is at a premium. All the apartments up and down the staircases have people who need to park!  Luckily for us we have a space and the machine is broken. We bought all our stuff into the apartment and walked down two flights of stairs to the piazza.  We had prosecco at Bellavista wine bar and gelato for the walk. Gianduja for me and amarena for Dave. As he liked the cooked cherries in the ice cream I have a great recipe to try when we get home. Dave made dinner while I unpacked. The owners of the apartment gave us a bottle of wine. We enjoyed a few glasses before heading to bed. 


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