Watching the Formula 1 Race at Monza

Had a good nights’ sleep on a very soft bed. We both took an allergex which helped for sure. I knocked my espresso over so was not pleased with myself. It landed on my book, and the bed. We got up and showered and Dave told me he wanted to get the 10:07 train from Lecco instead of the 10:30 train from Madello del Lario. The mad rush involved looking for his cap we bought at the airport, packing the back pack and finding where to go in Lecco. We also had to stop at the shops. We parked with no problem but went into the station directly onto the platform, missing the ticket office. We also missed the train by one minute. We decided to go for coffee and a walk and I discovered the battery for the camera was still in the charger. We went back to the station and saw the train we had tickets for but enquired first if it was the right train. The conductor told us no!  He told us to get the direct train for Monza. On the train we met a couple going to the circuit and the let us know about the black bus / bus nera. This takes you straight to the main entrance of the park. 

We walked to where our stand was and had a picnic lunch before making our way to our seats. We could not have asked for better ones. They are allocated as people book and we were right on top next to a couple from America. The race was amazing to watch live!  Leaving however was chaotic. Thousands of people all trying to get back to the station. Taxis were making a killing. I would recommend waiting till the crowds thin out and then getting back to the bus line as we were pushed around like crazy. 

We got back to the B&B and had a shower and then walked down to Lake Como for prosecco. After that we went back to the same pizzeria for supper. We shared calamari fritti to start. Dave had a capricciosa pizza and I had Sicilliana con carciofi. An early night as we were exhausted.  We walked 12.07km! 


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